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Computer Forensic Expert WitnessAthena Forensics is one of the UK's leading providers of Computer Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics, Cell Site Analysis and Expert Witness Services. We specialise in the examination and investigation of digital media and evidence. We have earned an impressive reputation for identifying the crucial pieces of data that can be used to assist in the formation of a legal case.

“87% of our work is gained through customer recommendation.”

As one of the leading providers in Digital Forensic Investigations, our computer forensic services are chosen by a wide range of customers, including legal practitioners (with both private and LSC funded clients) within criminal and civil proceeding matters as well as commercial, law enforcement agencies and private sectors.

At Athena Forensics we aim to provide a highly professional, yet personal and confidential service to all our clients.

Our computer forensic experts are some of the UK's most experienced and renowned in the industry and are sufficiently qualified and experienced in report writing and court room presentations to be able to provide clear concise facts and opinion that can be easily understood by our varied clients and, ultimately, the Courts. We understand that choosing the right expert witness to assist you in a case is crucial.

“We constantly look to improve our service and build upon our achievements.”

Athena Forensics experts have completed over 1000 computer forensic investigations across a variety of cases including indecent images, fraud, terrorism and murder. Our team of computer forensic investigators have an extensive amount of experience , with a range of academic, commercial and investigative backgrounds alongside outstanding professionalism, quality and integrity.

Our computer forensics experts regularly attend court as an Expert Witness on behalf of the Defence and the Prosecution and are all highly skilled in the process of giving evidence and in how the judicial process works.

Athena Forensics also provide a rapid response service to commercial and private clients as the initial response to any such incident is crucial. The computer or mobile phone needs to be handled correctly to prevent any data from being compromised and at all times the correct forensic investigative procedures are followed to prevent any legal challenge.

“Our experts provide a free initial consultation, which can greatly assist your case in the early stages.”

A selection of notable cases our computer forensics experts have been instructed in:

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