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Corporate Investigations

Computer Forensic Expert Witness Our team of Forensic Experts have a vast amount of experience investigating Corporate crime and working together with HR departments, Internal / External Auditors and Solicitors. Athena Forensics have conducted thousands of digital forensic investigations in both the private and public sectors including regulatory inquiries.

All our investigations are carried out in a confidential, tactful and courteous manner. Our experts gather all relevant evidence to criminal standards to prevent data from being compromised or to prevent any legal challenge, whether it is to be used for internal disciplinary procedures or for external reporting.

Can we carry out an investigation for your company?

No matter how effective your IT security is there will always be employees who will either misuse equipment, or take liberties with sensitive data to which they have legitimate access.

Athena Forensics has worked with large corporations, SMEs and smaller privately owned companies to investigate instances of:

This list is by no means exhaustive but does detail the most common types of fraud and breach of company policy that we discover.

What will the investigation involve?

Initially our experts provide a free no-obligation consultation in order to assess the next steps and to provide you with a bespoke quotation. Any information you provide will be dealt with in strict confidence regardless of whether we are instructed or not.

As part of the forensic investigation our experts take a three-step approach:

These stages normally involve using the technology of computer forensic analysis, mobile phone forensic analysis and data analytics.

Securing and collecting the evidence

Nearly all of a company's information is created and managed electronically, yet typically only a third of that information is committed to paper. The majority of digital forensic investigations, therefore, require careful searches of electronic information rather than following a paper trail.

Digital forensics allows our experts to uncover more of the facts, support otherwise unsubstantiated information, confirm or refute allegations, and analyse competing theories in relation to those facts. It involves identifying, collecting, analysing large numbers of data. But without the correct presentation or codification of data, it may not be admissible in a legal proceeding.

Typically, Athena Forensics would search and analyse:

In order to search and analyse the data our investigators would:

However, electronic evidence is not limited just to laptop and network computers at the workplace. Offsite computer files, servers, and even mobile phones can prove valuable in an investigation.

Our forensic experts use sophisticated tools to conduct a thorough and accurate investigation. There's really nowhere to hide data anymore, and any attempts to do so merely create additional evidence pointing toward an attempted cover-up.

How do I instruct Athena Forensics?

The initial response to any such incident is crucial, in cases of this nature, it is vital that a trained digital forensic expert is consulted immediately.

Internal IT departments, while extremely knowledgeable, are not normally trained in digital forensic techniques, and do not have the relevant accreditations or expertise to carry out a digital forensic examination.

For more details on our services, or to instruct an Athena Forensics Expert please contact us on 0845 8827 386 or email:

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