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Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Choosing the right expert witness to assist you in your case is crucial. At Athena Forensics our computer forensics experts are highly trained and experienced, having worked within and alongside law enforcement agencies including:

Our team of computer forensics experts have many years of experience and have been involved in a wide variety of criminal, civil and corporate proceedings and investigations. We particularly specialise but are not limited to cases involving:

Athena Forensics experts are well renowned within the computer forensics and mobile phone forensics fields and adhere to internationally recognised techniques including ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers Guidelines) in order to produce admissible evidence from various items of digital media. These findings are then translated into Expert forensic reports that are clear, concise and easily understood by all participants and can be used in cases involving legal criminal, civil and commercial litigation within tribunals and courts of law. Our experts look to test the probity of any claims and allegations. They are also available to provide further explanation of findings if necessary.

"We provide credible and reliable evidence that can greatly influence the outcome of any computer or mobile phone related legal proceeding."

Athena Forensics preparation rates are competitive and widely accepted by the Legal Services Commission (LSC). In addition, our quotations provide a clear definition of the work and a full breakdown of costs, which is vital in criminal cases when submitting a request for prior authority to incur disbursements (form CDS4).

We also appreciate that affiliations and accreditations can give clients confidence in our capabilities. It also means that our work is regulated and quality assured. Consequently, we are registered with the Law Society and approved as expert witnesses with several regulatory bodies in the UK.

As a leading provider of digital forensics in the UK all of our experts attend court on a regular basis across the country, they provide robust expert witness testimony a service that we pride ourselves on and one that is an integral part for any legal proceedings.

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