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Forensic Data Recovery

Data Recovery Over the years, digital technology has become more and more advanced giving us larger storage capacity to file away those meeting minutes, e-mails or important company documents. Extra storage capacity has also increased the longevity of digital devices and as a consequence, more data is stored on a typical device for longer periods of time, however when an error occurs, as is inevitable as the device ages, vital data can be lost.

At Athena Forensics we have a highly skilled team of analysts who have developed procedures for the recovery of data from the majority of digital media, incorporating a variety of data recover methods in line with the Association of Cheif Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines. Our analysts are therefore able to offer data recovery solutions within scenarios such as:

Our expertise in computer forensics has enabled us to be able to provide data recovery solutions for legal and commercial clients as well as private individuals throughout the UK.

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